About Line Caroline

I'm an oil painter and a feminist by heart. In my small studio in Copenhagen I try to combine a huge love for art with my core belief that we change the world for the better through inspiration, optimism, creativity, and community.

In 2019 I finished my Masters in Literature with a thesis on Material feminism and empowering feminist archetypes, such as the witch and the goddess, who represent a natural and strong femininity. These studies have inspired my way of living, my belief system, and of course my art.

I make art that celebrates the body, femininity, nature, and our beautiful emotions. My pieces are the result of a combined love for classic aesthetics and a flourishing inspiration from pop art and bright colors. I want to inspire joy, sensitivity, and strength through my art.

Follow my creative journey on @rubyfruit.studio, where you can also purchase my original paintings. Here in my shop you can choose from a selection of beautiful Giclée art prints to brighten up your home.

I'm so glad you're here!

Line Caroline